Don't Let Minor Stains Cause Major Embarrassment

We provide rug stain removal for Mandan & Bismarck, ND locals

Are you hosting a party in your Bismarck, North Dakota home? Attempting to cover up all those carpet stains? Call On the Spot Carpet Cleaning for rug stain removal. We're quick and efficient - we'll have your house looking squeaky clean in no time. Be sure to ask about upholstery cleaning when you call us at 701-400-5738.

4 ways to protect your surfaces

Using the best cleaning products around, On the Spot will remove stubborn stains from your furnishings. Check out these ways to keep your carpets and rugs safe:

  • Invest in a welcome mat - these mats are fun and festive, but they also serve a purpose. Your guests can wipe off their shoes before stepping inside.
  • Provide sturdy plates - you've seen it happen before. People pile food onto flimsy paper plates, and then the plates collapse under the weight of everything. Avoid similar catastrophes at your next event.
  • Ask a pro to housetrain your pets - pet urine and feces can saturate your carpets and ruin the fibers. Hiring a housetraining expert will keep your carpets looking their best.
  • Contact On the Spot - we'll remove wine, soda, pet stains and dirt carefully. Our cleaning agents aren't hazardous to children or animals, so call 701-400-5738 now.

We make rug stain removal easy for Bismarck and Mandan, North Dakota residents.

carpet cleaning bismarck nd
carpet cleaning bismarck nd